Hi, I am Daria, a girl behind Alice World Photography.

I live in Croatia, Trogir and Zagreb.

I have lived in Trogir since my birth, but Zagreb was always my big desire. It’s quite a beautiful city in which I’m stationed at the moment. Even though I was always surrounded by sea, only now when I am far from it, I understand how much I like to be near it.

My roots are from BiH, so you can say I am also Herzegovian by parents.

Since I grew up next to the sea and rivers, there is something about the presence of water which makes me feel relaxed and at peace. Herzegovina is my inspiration, so naturally my heart beats in a special way when I go there.

My specialties are wedding, couple and family photography. Clients are my priority, inspiration and on some occasions they even become my friends.

In my free time I like to read books, travel, walk with my dog and hang out with my friends. Love for photography dates back to my primary school, when I found a pleasure behind my family analog camera lens. Being behind the lens always felt natural for me, and to this day still is.

It is very important that I capture moments of freedom and relaxation of my clients, models or friends. That is the best way to create life lasting memories.

In order to achieve that state of mind with my clients, our journey starts with a cup of coffee or tea. We meet and chat about their needs.

During the first photo session, I often ask a wedding couple to remember the first days of their relationship, which often results with a lot of laugh and spontaneous moments, and that is the moment where I shine!

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