Family Photography – Split, Croatia

In a young love’s embrace, they dance,
Two souls entwined in sweet romance.
With children two, a boy, a girl,
Their beauty shines, a precious pearl.

In laughter’s echo, joy cascades,
Through sunlit fields and shaded glades.
Their love, a beacon, pure and bright,
Guiding them through day and night.

Their son, a spark of boundless fire,
With dreams that soar, reaching higher.
Their daughter, gentle, like a dove,
With grace that fills their hearts with love.

In their embrace, the world’s a stage,
Where dreams take flight at any age.
Together they stand, hand in hand,
Bound by love’s eternal band.

Through life’s adventure, they will roam,
With hearts that beat as one, at home.
For in their love, forever true,
Their family thrives, in skies of blue.