Wedding in Croatia Trogir

This job is not a job for me. It’s my passion and my hobby. I never grow tired of doing it. Best part of this job is when you completely click with your clients and models, of which some can even be called friends.  For me, this happened with Jelena and Ivan. Their wedding day was very rainy. We thought we would need to cancel the arranged photo session, but thirty minutes before start, rain stopped and gray clouds allowed the sun to take a peak and shine enough lights to snap phenomenal photos.The location is called “Gospa od Prizidnice” and that day I fulfilled my wish to have a photo session there.

Jelena & Ivan: “Just to let you know, everyone is thrilled with you and your approach to your job. They didn’t even notice you. We are thrilled with final work. We expected that the photos would be good, but not this good! WOW! Speechless…”