Ever since I met Petra, I wanted to have a photo session with her. I find her quite interesting. While talking with my cousin Iva, I said: “After Lele, I would like to photograph Petra, but I do not know how to ask her”, and she replied “Well, just ask her, she will be happy to do so, after all she is our cousin”.
To my surprise, she said yes. So there I was, thinking what to do and where to take her, and suddenly Ante, her “Niđa” appeared.  He was a missing piece of puzzle, her other half. Now all she had to do is to ask Nidža if he was willing to participate, and as you can see he was willing to do so.
We went to my favorite walking field in Hercegovina. Session lasted until the sun went out, and night came to hug us.

Most important stuff was always there. Love.

It is quite priceless to be gifted with the present of recording emotions between two people in love.